Three healthy protein packed salad recipes

These 3 different types of protein salads will keep you satisfied even on your HUNGRIEST of days! Pair it with a very easy creamy vinaigrette that you can make in advance and keep in your fridge for a few days.

The MOST important is to taste different TEXTURES: The crunch of pistachios to the tender but firm texture of the lentils. Put the protein salad in a glass container and enjoy it wherever you are. Don’t forget the vinaigrette!!


  •  SALAD 1:

– Roquette salad

– Beetroot

– Feta cheese

– Apples

– Pumpkin seeds

  •  SALAD 2:

– White beans

– Roquette salad

– Tomatoes

– 6-8 Pistachios

– Fried edamame 

  • SALAD 3:

– Lentils

– Salad

– Blue cheese

– Red cabbage

– Sunflower seeds

  • VINAIGRETTE for 2 people: 1 tbsp Mustard, 1 tbsp Vinegar, 3 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil, Salt and pepper


  • Add the different ingredients for the salad of your choice.
  • Remember to calculate the carb content before you put it in the glass jar
  • Bon appétit!

Diabetes & Carb content:


✽ Glass jar of white beans (cooked), once washed and drained 54g corresponds to 10g carbs

✽ Pre-cooked beetroot, 117g corresponds to 10g carbs ✽ As a general rule 300g of vegetable equals to 10g carbs

✽ Have less than 50g of feta cheese otherwise might increase your blood sugar 3 hours after eating due to the Fat-protein index

✽ Glass jar of lentils (cooked), once washed and drained, 71g corresponds to 10g carbs

✽ 100g of apple contains 10g carbs (so if you use 30g of apple, it will be 3g carbs)

👉 To calculate the carb content of the protein salad, weigh all the vegetables you want to use beforehand and add however much carbs from the lentils, white beans or beetroot you want to eat.

Don’t worry about the seeds, they do not count.


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Directions: Wash and drain the chickpeas

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