Diabetes: The best zero carb snack!

Zero carb snack, a great idea for people with diabetes and very easy too. I explain the fat-protein index in the recipe so you can eat it without worry!

Diabetes diet and snacky snacks!! This is soo good but you have to watch out for the fat content. Pancetta is a bit like bacon without the salt so you have to add spices and salt to it. It is really delicious!!.


  • pancetta
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp paprika
  • You could add different spices like pepper, rosemary, thyme, but never forget the salt


  • Start the oven at 200C or 392F
  • Using kitchen paper, dry well the whole pancetta
  • Pierce holes on the skin-side of the pancetta
  • Add salt to the skin first
  • Mix salt and turmeric and add to the three other sides
  • Check how much 50g of pancetta is and then start cutting
  • I have cut mine sideways first to see how much was 50g
  • Then I cut lengthways in 4
  • Add the rest of the spices and put on a tray
  • I use a tray with holes so the fat can seep through the holes
  • Put in the oven, don’t forget to add a tray underneath to catch the fat (there will be loads!)
  • Cook for 50 minutes and turn the pancetta halfway through cooking
  • Enjoy!!

Diabetes & Carb content:

👉 CARBOHYDRATES COUNT: There are zero carbohydrates in this recipe. However, you have to worry about the fat-protein index.

Every 50g of uncooked pancetta corresponds to 1 unit of fat-protein index.

That means that 3 hours after eating, your blood sugar will go up as if you had eaten 10g carbs.

My son ate 150g of pancetta and his blood sugar did not go up. I guess it depends on people and also there is a lot less fat in my recipe.

However, science is to be listened to and when you first make it, please check how your blood sugar reacts if you have more than 50g.


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